Nicole Ashpole

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About Me

I grew up in rural North Dakota and spent countless hours at the nursing home where my family has worked for generations. As I watched people age, I saw the consequences of memory loss and impaired physical function on the vitality and emotional well-being of the patients and their loved ones. Now, I work to understand how we age in the hopes that someday we can use that knowledge to help reduce the burden of age-related diseases and dysfunctions.

BA in Biology- Concordia College, Moorhead MN

PhD in Medical Neuroscience- Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis IN

Post-doctoral Fellowship- Reynolds Oklahoma Center on Aging, Oklahoma City, OK

Memberships (with links)
Society for Neuroscience

American Aging Association

Neuroscience Journal Club

Minority Association for Pre-Health Students

National Scientific Advisory Council, American Federation of Aging Research

Indiana Biomedical Research Gateway Advisory Council